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    Hippeus Art Dealership offers free, quick and reliable video valuations, regardless of where our clients are based.

    Speak to our team face-to-face via video call and benefit from your expert advice in order to help ensure the best results for you. Our unique aim is to make your experience as easy, discreet and satisfactory as possible.

    Book your free video valuation now

    To book an appointment, simply click the link below. Please provide an image, a basic description of your item and let us know where you are located so that we can arrange a call at the most convenient time. Once filled out the relevant form we will be in touch to schedule the video call accordingly.

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    Submit an item online

    Alternatively you can submit photos and details of your artwork(s) and we will reply to you via email as soon as possible. We can provide thorough expert advice to help you sell or simply have your object(s) estimated, for free and in a completely confidential way.

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    To know more about our valuation services, please contact us on info@hippeusart.com